St Mary’s Cathedral


It was designed by a Architect named Maxwell Bates, his most notable work was St Mary’s Cathedral. The modern Gothic design has been standing on 18th ave since February of 1957. The building is a very close to 17th ave and can be seen from 12th ave because of its bright lights.

The Cathedral over looks Rouleuville square which is the remains of a town just outside Calgary before it was taken completely over by Calgary in 1907, due to the rapid expansion by CP rails.

There has been modifications over the years to the building including in 1957 a 16ft statue of the Virgin Mary holding a child, made by Luke Lindoe.The church also contains bells from an older church that occupied the land earlier that where originally donated by Senator Patrick Burns.

The building is made of brick, it was originally suppose to be sandstone.


The Twin Towers of Bankers Hall


The Twin Towers of Bankers Hall are something else, the east tower was complete in 1989 and the west tower was complete 11 years later in the year 2000. The towers cost a total of $ 225 million CAD.

It was designed by Cohos Evamy an Architecture firm based out of Calgary AB. The crowns on the top of the Towers were designed to look like cowboy hats. The east towers is meant to be silver because of Calgary’s white hatting of foreign dignitaries and outstanding citizens.

The first three floors are retail space and on the fourth is a fitness club, called Bankers Hall Club for tenants and workers in and around the towers. The other 49 floors are office space. Bankers hall is home to some very high end retail such as Henry Singer and Blu’s.

Bankers halls biggest tenant is Canadian Natural Resources, an oil and gas company.

Bankers hall is connected to their downtown neighbours through a pair of plus 15’s.

The Twin Towers of Bankers Hall is a great piece of postmodern Architecture.


The Saddledome

img_0836The Saddledome home of the Calgary Flames and their WHL team the Calgary Hitmen.

The Saddledome began construction in 1981 and was complete in 1983 costing $97.7 million Canadian dollars.

It was originally called the Olympic Saddledome as the city was getting ready for the 1988 Olympics. Where they hosted Olympic figure skating and hockey events

It also hosted a number of Stanley Cup games in 1986 then in 1989 where the Calgary Flames tasted victory over the Montreal Canadiens. The last time they hosted the Stanley Cup was in 2004.

The biggest event recently hosted at the Saddledome was the NBA preseason game between the Toronto Raptors and the Denver Nuggets.

The Saddledome’s grounds is also where the Calgary Stampede is held every year, known as the worlds largest outdoor show.

The Saddledome has also hosted musical events most recently the final show of the Tragically Hip.

It has also hosted royalty as Queen Elizabeth II came for Alberta’s centennial in 2005 at the Saddledome.

It is currently one of the oldest arenas in the NHL and most unique, never in my travels have I seen a stadium shaped like a Saddle.

The shape highlights the western theme of Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Calgary is cowboy country in many ways this Stadium just highlights that very well.

The Bow

img_0636The Bow Tower its a favourite in the City of Calgary.

It is a star in the skyline and it’s unique look makes it stand out in the crowd of building. 236 metres tall and 158000 square metres in mass.

Like many buildings in the city it is connected by a plus 15 to the rest of the city an integral part of the city and uniquely designed. out of steel and glass.

img_0639 The bow is also has an interesting piece of public art appropriately called the head. The Head is the centre piece of the Bow it really makes people think and in rare occasions those thoughts wonder, how high can I climb the Head before security comes and gets me.

The Bow cost $1.4 Billion.

It is a true icon for the City of Calgary.

Peace Bridge


A bridge that shows how far Calgary has come. Internationally known it’s Architect Santiago Calatrava is well known and award winning. The Peace Bridge has been nominated for a number of awards and even won the 2014 National Steel Design Award of Excellence.

The Steel Structure Peace Bridge Cost $25 million dollars to complete.

The Bridge was completely open in march of 2012, it was suppose to be complete up and running by the fall of 2010.

The Peace Bridge is the only Pedestrian bridge with a bicycle lane right through the middle. The double helix structure lights up at night to custom made light strips and in ground LEDs.

the commuter bridge has an expected 6000 pedestrians a day and is visited by a number of tourists and locals.

This bridge also just brings things to prospective for many at how far the City of Calgary has come.

The Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower, a tower that we set a blaze every time Calgarians celebrate. The observation tower was built 1967 was finished in 1968, for $3.5 million, it was modernized with LED lighting in 2014. in 1988 they designed the olympic torch to look like the tower.

I see the Calgary Tower as a necessary stepping stone for Calgary if it wasn’t built then we may not see such structures as the scotia centre and to a greater later degree the Bow Tower.

The Calgary Tower is a staple in Calgary’s Skyline located on 9th and centre. With a restaurant on the top floor called sky 360.

The Calgary Tower is truly something Calgarians can marvel and be inspired by even though it is no longer the tallest tower in Calgary it is still the highest 360 degree observation deck at 1228 metres the people at the Calgary Tower website seem to be very optimistic and proud of that fact.