George C. King Bridge


Formally known as the St. Patrick island bridge the George C. King Bridge spans the Bow River.

The Bridge was Renamed George C. King for Calgary’s second Mayor who served as Mayor from November 4 1886- January 16 1888.

The bridge is 182 metres across.

The bridge cost $25 Million.

The bridge was the winner of a contest to decide the bridge design for the revitalization of the east village.

The bridge was designed to look like “stones being skipped.”

Before the bridge was even up and running it was hit by the 2013 floods causing damage to the bridge deck forcing the project back a year.

The George C. King bridge was designed for pedestrians and cyclists.

The designers are based out of Paris, known as RFR SAS.

The bridge links East Village to St. Patrick Island Park.


Langevin Bridge


One of the oldest bridges in Calgary, the Langevin Bridge is 116.74 metres long and 14.02 metres wide.

In 1907 the original bridge that linked Calgary and riverside needed to be replaced due to ware and tare of the residents of Calgary and Riverside (at the time Riverside was separate from Calgary)

The Langevin Bridge was designed by an American civil engineer Charles H. Parker.

The bridge has been open since 1910, in 2009 the city set up 5600 programable LED lights to change colour and modernize the aging bridge. There is a website set up by the east village that allows the public to request colours on the bridge for charity’s and events.

in 1911 raised the approach road levels to give easy access to street cars railways which in the 1950s was removed, because of the new electric powered train system.

January of 2014 the Langevin Bridge was given a “Heritage Authority Plaque,” making it a historic site for the City of Calgary.

In recent years there has been calls to rename the bridge due to a controversy of the past. James T. Child a city engineer (1908-1911) thought the bridge to be named the riverside bridge, simply because of the district it was in.

Peace Bridge


A bridge that shows how far Calgary has come. Internationally known it’s Architect Santiago Calatrava is well known and award winning. The Peace Bridge has been nominated for a number of awards and even won the 2014 National Steel Design Award of Excellence.

The Steel Structure Peace Bridge Cost $25 million dollars to complete.

The Bridge was completely open in march of 2012, it was suppose to be complete up and running by the fall of 2010.

The Peace Bridge is the only Pedestrian bridge with a bicycle lane right through the middle. The double helix structure lights up at night to custom made light strips and in ground LEDs.

the commuter bridge has an expected 6000 pedestrians a day and is visited by a number of tourists and locals.

This bridge also just brings things to prospective for many at how far the City of Calgary has come.