Olympic Plaza

Originally made for the medal ceremony of the 1988 Olympics the plaza now is used as a venue for public events.

Every year for Canada day they enjoy celebrations in Olympic Plaza.

Olympic Plaza is located right across Old City Hall and the Calgary Manciple Building

In the Winter Olympic Plaza is transformed into a outdoor ice rink.

In 2004 about 30,000 people packed the Plaza to celebrate the Calgary Flames run at the Stanley Cup.

People are a loud to skate for free.

People of Calgary payed for Olympic Plaza brick by brick, Private citizens bought a single brick.

Citizens bought each brick for $20 each.

There has been talk of renovation since 2004 of the plaza, do to the amount of aging the brick’s may not be salvageable in their current condition.

Olympic Plaza is a favourite place amongst Calgarians, many come on any given day just to eat lunch near the beautifully designed structure.