McDougall Centre

The McDougall Centre was built in 1908 and was originally called “Provincial Normal School”

The Architect behind the building Allan Merrick Jeffers.

The building is made of Sandstone and helped earn the city the nickname “The Sandstone City.”

Jeffers was appointed Alberta’s provincial Architect in 1907.

The McDougall Centre is made out of Sandstone like many classical buildings in Calgary.

The building was designed in Beaux Art style, which is lavish and ornamentally heavy.

It was used as the provinces first normal school.

It is thought that this school was used to compensate for Edmonton Being Called Alberta’s Capital.

A normal school is used to train high school graduates to be teachers or a teachers college.

It was renamed McDougall School when the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) bought it in 1922, It was named to honour George and John McDougall.

It was used as a school and the office of the CBE.

The McDougall School was used as a Elementary and Jr. High school until 1981.

The Building was no longer feasible as a school due to low enrolment.

It was named a historic resource in 1982 and went through a five year renovation and was reopened in 1987.

In 1987 it was used as the south government building, it is now a office and meeting place for Alberta’s official’s.


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