Theatre Junction Grand


This is the oldest theatre in Calgary it was built in 1912. The Theatre is thought to be one of Calgary’s “first major cultural gift.”

When Theatre Junction Grand opened in 1912 it had 1350 seats and had the largest stage in Canada.

The current Stage space is 16.46m by 10.97m.

It was designed by an Architect named LR Wardrop.

Sir James Alexander Lougheed had the building built.

The building is home to Theatre Junction a not for profit organization for the preforming arts.

In 1979 Theatre Junction Grand was slated for demolition due to the amount of wear and tear and was closed tell 2005.

2005 the building was bought by Theatre Junction for $12 million dollars thus saving the building. Theatre Junction renovated the building breathing life into the Grand after years the oldest Theatre in Calgary was up and running again.

In 2014 Theatre Junction opened a restaurant called Workshop Kitchen + Culture. Workshop Kitchen + Culture menu is known to change. The restaurant is fine dinning without the commitment of dressing up, patrons are seen dressed casual to formal attire.


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