The Twin Towers of Bankers Hall


The Twin Towers of Bankers Hall are something else, the east tower was complete in 1989 and the west tower was complete 11 years later in the year 2000. The towers cost a total of $ 225 million CAD.

It was designed by Cohos Evamy an Architecture firm based out of Calgary AB. The crowns on the top of the Towers were designed to look like cowboy hats. The east towers is meant to be silver because of Calgary’s white hatting of foreign dignitaries and outstanding citizens.

The first three floors are retail space and on the fourth is a fitness club, called Bankers Hall Club for tenants and workers in and around the towers. The other 49 floors are office space. Bankers hall is home to some very high end retail such as Henry Singer and Blu’s.

Bankers halls biggest tenant is Canadian Natural Resources, an oil and gas company.

Bankers hall is connected to their downtown neighbours through a pair of plus 15’s.

The Twin Towers of Bankers Hall is a great piece of postmodern Architecture.



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